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Thanks to all who attended the two Early Education Network events in 2021 and 2022... for those who couldn't make it, or, if you just want to relive some of the key moments and keynotes, keep scrolling!

What is the

Early Education Network?

Brought to you by the Ipswich Opportunity Area, we are a local network of practitioners collaborating to prepare children for the best possible start to school. We’re expanding the network, so please come along to find out what’s been happening, what’s new, and where the future is headed…

The impact of the network has evolved with the support of Ipswich Opportunity Area funding, harnessing and developing the skills of early years practitioners and the families they work with.

Early Education Network Festival of Learning Videos: June 2022

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Early Years Evolution Online Conference Videos: June 2021

Special Guests

Our main focus is on how the network has brought about positive change and impact through the Ipswich Opportunity Funded programme to support families, schools and transition.

In celebration of our network practitioners, and to support the cause, we are delighted to welcome our special guests, each with their own unique specialist experience and expertise to punctuate the importance of Early Years Education.

We reach into the network to look at some tried and tested ways that settings can develop effective communications to enhance offers, improve impact and become more efficient.

With Ben Gough and Anne Denny

What are the successes of the network, and how can we rise to the challenge of taking an effective networking culture forwards in a world of uncertainty

With Jackie Bircham and Anne Denny

We take a reflective look at the area of interventions in speech and language development, and how the network has found ways to focus on this key area.

With Lisa Brown, Liz Elks and Emma Miles

Transition information between early years and primary settings can be hugely challenging for all involved. The development of a new Transitions Document is a step towards a more consistent approach – but, where are we now and where do we need to go with it?

With Vici Morris and Amanda Goldsmith

A reflective sharing session from the Ipswich & Unity Research School – looking at some evidence based ideas for improving behaviour and parental engagement.

With Eileen Allpress and Ruth Coleman 

A look at what it’s been like to establish and develop a network of practitioners to mutually support. And, importantly, what can be drawn from the work of the Family Support Assistants and Early Years Transition Leads?

With Jodie Young, Amanda Goldsmith and Marcelo Staricoff

How the new online Sharing Learning Hub can support the work of early education practitioners region-wide.

With David Ladbrook

Marcelo will deliver a keynote focused on tangible, evidence based methods that really work in the practical education settings, with plenty of takeaways to try out and embed into practice.

Annie Clements takes us on a whistle-stop tour through a simple assessment framework to help embed lasting impact and a consistent approach to Autism & ADHD.

The “4 foundation Blocks” approach has achieved global recognition, and the response is always the same…. “Oh now I understand ! I know I can do this” 

The Blocks are: 

  • Understanding Overwhelm
  • Understanding Imagination Fracture
  • Understanding Language of Assumption
  • Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder

Autism & ADHD delivers high quality training and support for education and business.

Liz qualified as a speech and language therapist (SaLT) in 1981 and worked within the NHS and education services with a range of children and settings. As a co-founder of Elklan training, she now helps thousands of practitioners to become more skilled and confident in developing speech and language in a range of contexts. 

The Eastern Opportunity Areas are gradually adding impactful case studies to the LinkBig Sharing Learning Hub, and we’ll be exploring a selection of these more closely at our face-to-face event on 7 June. Until then….why not click through and explore the hub!

"The Network has been transformational!"

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